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    New ShopRite Trading Company Private Label Line Offers Gourmet and Specialty Foods from Around the World

    ShopRite is inviting customers to go on a culinary journey as it announces the debut of its latest store brand, ShopRite Trading Company. A mix of “inspirational, artisanal, and distinctive” goods, the new line will inspire your family to experience all types of authentic, imported cultural cuisine.

    We are not changing, but transitioning to a new name that offers you the same exceptional products you’ve come to expect at ShopRite. Store brand debut provides shoppers with premium quality imported and domestic products.

    Inspirational, Artisanal and Distinctive

    Three words that describe the ShopRite Trading Company brand. Whether you’re just learning to cook or are the family’s culinary expert, these high-quality products offer you an array of items from a variety of cultures. Make your meals an adventure with ShopRite Trading Company. 

    Our Existing products are from the USA, Italy, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Spain, Greece and we are expanding to new destinations.


    Where Good Taste is Always our Main Ingredient

    Salmon with teriyaki sauce

    Asian Style Teriyaki Sauce

    Combines rich soy sauce with a hint of garlic and ginger for a classic Asian taste to use as a marinade, stir fry, baste, grill and dipping sauce.
    Flatbread with fruit


    The rich savory flavor of fresh Rosemary is added to this truly unique snack experience.
    Tandoori naan

    Tandoori Naan

    Hand stretched and baked in Tandoor clay ovens.
    Olive Oil

    Olive Oil

    Made from the cold extraction of the new harvest of Italian grown selected olives. The Novello is an "early Release" of 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil which makes it richer in Antioxidants and is higher in Polyphenols.
    Mixed Olives

    Marinated Mixed Olives

    Naturally Brine Cured.
    Smoked Salmon

    Smoked Atlantic Salmon


    Fun Fast and Delicious