Your ShopRite Pharmacy can fill your pet’s prescriptions for many common medical conditions, including:

•       Diabetes

•       Pain and Inflammation

•       Heart and Seizure conditions

We carry a full line of medications for your pet, including:

•       Carafate                                                         

•       Diazepam

•       Methimazole

•       Metronidazole

•       Phenobarbital

•       Prednisolone

•       Tramadol

•       Vetsulin and more.

We also carry brand pet medications, including:

•       Revolution

•       Heartgard Plus

•       Frontline Plus

•       Denamarin Chew Tabs

•       Rimadyl

•       Deramaxx and more.

Talk to your ShopRite Pharmacist about taking care of the prescription needs of all your family members!