Product Availability

Like all retailers, we are in short supply of many items that are in high demand right now.  As a result, we have begun limiting the number of items you can purchase in the following categories to two (2) per category:

·       Disinfectant cleaners and wipes

·       Paper products

·       Bar and liquid soaps

·       Cough/cold/flu over-the-counter medicines


Other key categories are now limited to a purchase of two. Since timing of product deliveries and in-store inventory can change rapidly, product limits are subject to change at the store manager's discretion. We’re working with our suppliers to keep these items on the shelf for you and we appreciate your cooperation in limiting your purchases so that everyone can get the products they need. Click here for a list of items. If you order more than the allocated quantity, your order will be modified.


Our site does not reflect current product inventory.  Your items will be selected for you on the day of the order, products are not “reserved” at the time your order is placed.

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