Our Dietitians’ Favorite Tips for a Successful Start to 2020

 "Don’t get overwhelmed with meal planning and prepping.  Instead of thinking of a whole week in advance, planning for just three days at a time can be less stressful and more realistic."

-- Ashley Cully, RD ShopRite of Marlton, NJ

"Having a healthy relationship with food means finding a balance of dishes that nourish our bodies and dazzle our taste buds."

-- Carly Sopko, RD ShopRite of Washington, NJ

"Remember don’t skip meals, especially breakfast!  Skipping meals can lead to overeating and excess snacking later in the day.  No time for a full meal?  PB&J, fruit and yogurt or veggies and hummus are quick and easy solutions."

--Natalie Gillett, RD ShopRite of Wayne, NJ

"Have a successful start to 2020 by building off your current strengths and interests.  Love to cook?  Try out new recipes or healthy twists on favorite dishes.  Detail-oriented? Make time to meal plan for the coming week.  Competitive?  See how many different fruits and veggies you can eat in 1 week.  Inspired by music?  Make a killer playlist and hit the pavement running or walking!  Remember, there’s no “one size fits all” approach to healthy living."

-- Katie Gallagher, RD ShopRite of Daleville, PA

"Eat what you love! Focus on how to add nutritious ingredients to the meals you already love to cook rather than taking away ingredients from recipes."

-- Nikita Grove, RD ShopRite of Morrell Plaza, PA

"No need to count every calorie, measure every portion or ban entire food groups in order to shape up your diet.  Eating well is about making peace with food and not giving it the power to control your daily life and remember cut yourself a break when you craving certain foods."

-- Danielle Buonforte, RD ShopRite of Lincoln Park, NJ

"Making small changes towards a healthy lifestyle goals will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.  Small changes over time can have a positive impact on your overall health and wellness."

-- Lauren Faiella, RD ShopRite of Clark, NJ


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