Corned Beef is Delicious, No Matter How You Slice It

At ShopRite, we provide the highest quality cuts of meat in our stores, so you can enjoy your beef to the last bite. That’s why we offer USDA Choice Beef for your holiday recipes. And nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like good old fashioned corned beef! Did you know corned beef comes from the brisket? That’s right! The whole brisket is made up of two distinct areas: the flat cut and the point cut. Brisket is a tougher cut of meat, so a slow cooking method works best, but depending on what you’re making you can choose between a flat cut and a point cut for your dish.


Point Cut

Visually it’s easy to tell the difference between the cuts. A point cut is just what it sounds like; the meat comes to a point at one end. If you plan on shredding the meat, this is the cut for you. Because the point cut is highly concentrated with fat, when you cook it, you get a nice juicy piece of meat!


Flat Cut

Much leaner than its counterpart, the flat cut is a more attractive piece of meat. With just a layer of fat on the base, the meat stays moist and juicy while it’s prepared. Used most often in packaged corned beef, the flat cut is easier to slice and full of flavor. If you’re making corned beef, this is your best option for a quality Irish staple!