August 27, 2019
ShopRite Summer Getaway 2019
ShopRite Summer Getaway 2019 Posted by ShopRite Team

Earlier this month, we took a trip down to Avalon, NJ, to soak in the sights and sounds of the Jersey Shore, hosting some of our favorite food bloggers and influencers from the surrounding area. For three days, each blogger was immersed in everything ShopRite, experiencing some of the exciting brands we’re proud to have on our shelves through a series of fun activities — from beach yoga to dietitian consultations to a floral arranging class. It was a #ShopRiteSummerGetaway to remember!

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front of summer house in avalon nj with bloggers on balcony

Day 1

Our guests arrived mid-day and got their first look at the four-story beach house, a block away from some of the most pristine coastlines in all of New Jersey. Each bedroom was decked out with Jacquard velvet throw blankets, comforters and cotton linens, courtesy of Madison Luxury home, only available at ShopRite.

Acai Bowl Lunch and Pool Party

Featuring Organic Amazon

organic amazon smoothie bowl

What better way to kick off a vacation than with a pool party? Straight from Hawaii, we were joined by Alana and Mel from Organic Amazon, who, despite the inclement weather, brightened up our day with some deliciously fruity Acai To-Go, served in (of course) coconut bowls. And we certainly weren’t light on the toppings. We customized our acai bowls with a liberal helping of Wholesome Pantry Coconut Almond Granola, coconut, Wholesome Pantry Honey and fresh raspberries, blueberries, kiwi strawberries and coconut shavings. In a word, enchanting.

Personal ShopRite Beauty Advisor Consultations

Featuring Olay, Pantene, Venus and Crest

P&G beauty makeover with bloggers

Time to melt away the work week with a little personalized T.L.C.! Kelly, Maxine and Danielle — certified in-store Beauty Advisors from ShopRite — showcased some unique new products available in our stores, including Olay Masks Clay Stick, Pantene Intense Rescue Shots and Gillete Venus Extra Smooth. And don’t forget a good brush up with your glow up! We harnessed the teeth-whitening power of charcoal with new Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy and Oral-B Charcoal brush. Every guest received a personal makeover to look their best the rest of the evening.

Cocktail Hour

Featuring Dasani Sparkling and McCain Dip’n Wedges

dasani sparkling water cocktail hour

Mccains Potato Wedges Summer House

Finally … cocktail hour! There’s nothing like a cold, bubbly drink and some good conversation after hours of driving through shore traffic. Our guests made their way back to the pool area to indulge in some hand crafted cocktails, made exclusively by Chaad, our bartender for the evening. The drinks were a Black Cherry Martini and a Berry-Lime Spritz. The special ingredient for each respective drink? Dasani Sparkling Black Cherry and Lime. And let us tell you, they were just what we needed.

assorted cheese boards

But you can’t have a cocktail hour without some finger foods! It was charcuterie trays and dips galore. To dip, we baked some ridiculously good McCain’s Dip’n Wedges, which made scooping up the creamy buffalo-blue dip super easy.

Wholesome Pantry Dinner

Featuring ShopRite Chef, Rich Giacalone

shoprite summer getaway dinner by wholesome pantry

Did you know ShopRite has a full team of ShopRite Kitchen executive chefs? Each designs our in-store kitchen and catering menus each season, using only the freshest ingredients and trendiest concepts. Chef Rich treated our guests to a three-course meal that featured an artisan pear salad, a beautiful chicken dish with a balsamic glaze and dessert, which included Wholesome Pantry Mangos and Chocolate Covered Almonds. Needless to say, this was our quietest meal of the day, as we dug into our dinner.

Day 2

Beach Yoga

Featuring smartwater

yoga on the beach

Early bird catches the worm … or in this case a beach all to ourselves! Despite somewhat gloomy conditions the previous evening, the next morning couldn’t have been more picturesque — the sun shimmering off the ocean like something out of a movie, not a cloud in the sky. Conditions were cooler and less humid, but hydrating, as it always should be, was a top priority. And what better way to do so than with Glaceau smartwater — simple, pure and delicious. Lauren, our certified yoga instructor, guided us through poses on our Gaiam mats to the sound of crashing waves in the foreground. After 45 minutes, we had worked up an appetite.


Featuring Kellogg’s and Eight O’Clock Coffee

Kellogs Cereals Summer House

Eight O Clock Coffee Summer House on the porch

Time to eat. Whether you’re an on-the-go, K-Cup kind of person, or relish a brew-your-own pot, sit-back-and-relax moment, Eight O’Clock Coffee has you covered. With flavors for every palate, including Hazelnut, Italian Blend and Red Eye Roast (you know, if you need that extra kick), there is truly a coffee for everyone. And just for kicks, we had the opportunity to try some new cereals from Kellogg’s! The Pop Tarts Brown Sugar Cinnamon Cereal was a huge hit, while some of our guests also enjoyed the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pops, Raisin Bran Crunch and Special K Raspberry.

Floral Arranging Workshop

Featuring Tetley Iced Tea with Gary Diamante

gary from garys floral tips

Tetley Iced tea on summer house porch

Iced Tea and floral arranging go together like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly. It just makes sense. We brewed and infused our Tetley Premium Blend Iced Tea with different fruits and mint to bring out a uniquely refreshing flavor. Gary, our ShopRite Floral Expert and the man behind your weekly dose of Gary’s Floral Tips, guided us through a bouquet tutorial that took bits and pieces from all sorts of different plant species, bringing it together for a gorgeous final product. Each guest got to keep their arrangement and fill their bedrooms with fresh flowers.


Featuring Dole Bountiful Salads and Friendship Dairies

Dole Salad Kits Summer House

friendship dairies cottage cheese bar

There’s just something about summer that makes eating a fresh salad with fresh ingredients even more enjoyable. Dole Bountiful Salad Kits make it easy with awesome new flavors like Triple Quinoa and Lentil Cucumber. All the ingredients, including the dressing, come in the bag. We had our chef grill chicken and shrimp for added protein, really bringing the dish together.

ShopRite Dietitian Consultations

Featuring Blue Diamond Nut Thins and Nikita Grove, RDN, LDN

nut thins summer house blogger shot

Registered Dietitian Discussion at Summer House

At ShopRite, our in-store Registered Dietitians are rock stars in helping guide you along the journey to better nutrition. From personalized nutritional consultations to community events to store tours, our RDs do it all at no cost to you. We invited Nikita Grove from the ShopRite of Morrell Plaza to discuss better-for-you meal alternatives, her in-store services and the story behind why she loves being a dietitian. Nikita then sat with each guest, one on one, to go over their wellness goals.

Burger Bar Dinner

Featuring MorningStar Farms

Morningstar Farms Burgers Summer House

Plant-based proteins are more than just the latest trend. They’re easy, environmentally conscious meal alternatives that taste great too! We lined our burger bar with fresh vegetables, condiments and MorningStar Farms Cheezeburgers — veggie burgers infused with creamy vegan cheese! They’re perfect for the grill, skillet or oven and easy to work into your meatless Monday. Each serving is also 23 grams of plant-based protein!

Day 3

Closing Breakfast

Featuring Happy Healthy Smoothies and Overnight Oats

Happy Healthy Oats Smoothies Summer house

All good things must come to an end. And that includes summer. As our guests packed up their things, we treated them to one last meal of overnight oats and smoothies from Happy Healthy! The smoothies are packed with essential vitamins and minerals to jumpstart your morning, while the overnight oats are a great way to save time in the morning.

We want to thank all of our bloggers and influencers for joining us for our ShopRite Summer at the Shore! Behind every brand, there’s a story. Thank you for listening to ours. #ShopRiteSummerGetaway

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