January 12, 2017
How to Build an Epic Cheese Board – January Edition
How to Build an Epic Cheese Board – January Edition Posted by ShopRite Team

You’ve seen them everywhere, from Instagram to your neighbors’ dinner party: cheese boards. But how do you go about building one of these gorgeous boards yourself?

Have no fear – we’ve got your back on this one. Read on to find out how to build an epic cheese board of your own!

How to Build an Epic Cheese Board

Cheese Board - Asiago, Mozzarella, Ciliegine, Goat Cheese, Aged Cheddar

1. Start with your cheeses

Focus on 3-5 different kinds of cheeses so you and your guests can enjoy a little variety! You can mix it up by choosing a mix of firm and soft cheeses, mild and strong-flavored cheeses, as well as cheeses from different milk types, like cow or goat.

Our choices for this board:

  • BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella Ball
  • Formaggio Marinated Ciliegine (aka tiny mozzarella balls)
  • Chavrie Classic Goat Cheese
  • Aged White Cheddar
  • Asiago

Jan Cheese Board closeup 1

2. Add your meats

Think hard salami, smoked hams etc.

Our choices for this board:

  • Hard Salami, sliced
  • Prosciutto Slices

3. Choose your accompaniments

This is where you get to flex your creative muscles! A good starting point is to focus on nuts, dried fruits, classic antipasto items like olives, spreads/jams and of course some kind of bread or cracker

Our choices for this board:

  • Pistachios
  • Roasted red peppers
  • Heirloom cherry tomatoes
  • Marinated artichoke hearts
  • Assorted olives
  • Honey
  • Sliced French baguette

Jan Cheese Board closeup 2

4. Don’t forget fresh fruit!

Fresh fruit is always an easy way to add some brightness and fresh flavor to your cheese board. A good rule of thumb: stick with what’s in season. Seasonal fruits are easier to acquire and are in their prime to be enjoyed with little preparation

Our choices for this board:

With winter in full swing, we stuck with a classic: grapes!

5. Tips for Enjoying Your Epic Cheese Board with Friends:

Jan Cheese Board 50 END resized for social

How much cheese?

Plan for about 2 oz of each kind of cheese per guest.

So, if you have 4 different types of cheeses, and 8 guests, you’ll need 16 oz of each kind of cheese, and approximately 4 lbs in total.

Don’t serve cold cheese

Allow cheeses to come to room temperature so that the flavors have time to develop. Taking cheeses out of the fridge about 1 hour before your party starts will work.

Order matters!

Arrange cheeses from mildest to strongest and encourage your guests to taste in that order. Starting at the strongest cheese could overwhelm your palate.


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