August 22, 2016
Happy National Dog Day – Top 5 Tips for a Happy Pup!
Happy National Dog Day – Top 5 Tips for a Happy Pup! Posted by ShopRite Team

It’s National Dog Day and we’re celebrating with a puppy paw-ty! While some of our furry friends had a chance to test out new chew toys and make new friends, we rounded up a few tips for you to help keep your pup happy, healthy, and feeling great!

1. Treat Them to a Fun, New Toy!

Betty with Penguin Non-Foods Toy

We know our dogs love to chew on pretty much everything, so making sure they have toys that are durable and fun for them to play with is a must. Classics like tennis balls are a major crowd-pleaser, but check out toys that make fun sounds or squeaks or have different textures to keep your pup entertained (and away from the shoe closet!)

2. Upgrade Their Food and Water Bowls.

daisy biting cookbook

Sure, a plain stainless-steel or ceramic water bowl works just fine, but why not spice things up a bit with a cute new patterned one? Also – if you happen to have more than one dog, customizing/differentiating water bowls can be helpful when everyone comes in from a busy day at the park!

3. Surprise Them with Tasty New Dog Treats!


DIY Dog Treats with Peanut Butter Applesauce Pumpkin and SR Flour

Human food may be tasty, but it’s usually a bad idea for your pup. Some of it can cause stomache-aches, but others are straight-up poisonous! Keep your dog excited about his own treats by switching them up every now and then, or surprising them with something new!

4. Be on Tick/Flea/Pest Control.

betty solo outside on grass

Our dogs love the great outdoors, but Mother Nature brings with her a whole bunch of unwanted friends, namely pests like ticks or fleas. Be on your guard and keep your puppy pest and itch-free with products like Hartz UltraGuard Pro. Some ticks to identify and remove them? Always check your dog for fleas and ticks after heading to the park or extended time outside in woody areas. Do NOT attempt to pull the tick off by hand (you could leave an open wound on your pup that could get infected!) opt for specialized tweezers instead, and gently twist the tick before removing. For more tips on tick/flea prevention, visit our friends at Hartz!

5. Host a Doggie Play Date!

betty with flower lei summer

Does you dog love to play? We know ours do! Hosting a doggie play-date can be a great way to introduce your dog to other pups in the neighborhood, make friends and socialize. Grab a bunch of new toys (pups can head home with whatever ones they like best) some treats, and your dog-loving friends for a fun Friday night!

Some of our top toys for the ultimate doggie play-date:

  • ChuckIt! Tennis Balls
  • Fetch n’ Catch Tennis Balls
  • Pup Squeaks Dog Toys
  • Ruff and Whiskerz Dog Toy

Grab these and so many more at your local ShopRite! Remember, all pups are different. One toy might be perfect for your pug but another is just the thing for that border collie down the street!

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