November 15, 2017
Easy Tips for Hosting the Perfect Holiday Cookie Swap
Easy Tips for Hosting the Perfect Holiday Cookie Swap Posted by ShopRite Team

The days are short, the nights are cold and we can’t think of a better reason to invite your friends and family over to cozy up with cocoa and cookies at a holiday cookie swap! Never hosted one before? Don’t worry – we have all the tips and recipes you need to make this new holiday tradition a memorable one!

Tips for Hosting the Perfect Cookie Swap

Holiday Cookie Swap People at Table FINAL

Step 1 – Invites and Prep Work

First things first – you need to send out invitations. Details should include where, when, how to RSVP and (most important) how many cookies people should bring with them. You will also want to have a few platters so that everyone can display their cookies once they arrive at the swap. You can use a mix of holiday platters, cookie tins and cake stands! Finally – have your guests print out some copies of the cookie recipe they are baking for the cookie swap. That way, when people swap actual cookies and find a new favorite, they can recreate them at home!

Cookie Swap

Cookie Swap Sugar Cookies FINAL

Step 2 – Baking Cookies

Just because you are hosting the cookie swap doesn’t mean you can’t bake cookies for it! Aim for 3 dozen of one single type of cookie so that there are plenty for your guests to try and take home. Not much of a baker? Pick up fresh-baked gourmet cookies at your local ShopRite Bakery. Everyone will be dying to know how you made those Panettone Cookies or Chocolate Peppermint Cookies…it’ll be our little secret. 

Holiday Cookie Swap Panettone Cookies

Step 3 – Break out the Cookie Tins and Get Swapping!

Holiday Linzer Cookies for Cookie Swap FINAL

The day has finally come and everyone has arrived with their cookies! Show each guest the platter or cake stand where they can display their cookies, then serve up some freshly made hot cocoa and dig in!

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