October 05, 2016
DIY Caramel Apple Bar
DIY Caramel Apple Bar Posted by ShopRite Team

Maybe you think you’re too old for trick-or-treating or feel like throwing a cozy little Halloween shindig for you and a couple friends. Whatever the case, this Caramel Apple Bar is the way to celebrate our favorite spooky holiday! The fun of trick-or-treat candy combined with creamy caramel and fresh, crisp apples – we’re ready to dig in, are you?


Step 1: Pick up your favorite apples!

Everyone has a favorite apple, but did you know certain apples are better for enjoying raw than cooked? This caramel apple bar is the perfect way to show off the flavors and textures of apples like the classic Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and even Jonagold varieties.

You can slice your apples to make wedges or use a melon baller to make perfectly round, dippable apple pops! To avoid browning, toss sliced apples with a little lemon juice and try not to slice them until you’re just about ready to dive into your caramel apple bar.


Step 2: Gather toppings

Be as creative as you want here! We went with some of our favorite toppings, listed here, but grab whatever catches your eye!

Our Go-To Caramel Apple Bar Toppings:

  • sliced or chopped nuts, like walnuts, pecans and almonds
  • mini marshmallows
  • mini chocolate chips
  • crushed pretzels
  • mini chocolate candies
  • granola
  • shredded coconut


Step 3: Don’t forget the caramel!

You can either choose to melt down caramel candies or pick up a caramel dip right in the produce section of your local ShopRite! It heats up in the microwave in just minutes and is perfect for dipping all sorts of fruit.

Step 4: Set up your dipping stations

Set up your toppings in small ramekins or bowls so everyone has easy access to their favorites. Don’t forget important extras like napkins and lollipop sticks (in case you don’t want to grab the apples with just your fingers). Set your melted caramel in the center of your bar, with plenty of sliced apples.

Campbells Halloween Scene Table resized

Step 5: Dig in!

Enjoy your hard work and dig into your caramel apple bar with your friends!


Love caramel apples but don’t want to make your own? No worries – your local ShopRite has got you covered! Find classic caramel apples and fun twists like Turtle caramel apples in the produce section of your local store (only during the fall season!).

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