August 08, 2017
Breakfast Lovers – This Lunchbox is Just for You!
Breakfast Lovers – This Lunchbox is Just for You! Posted by ShopRite Team

If breakfast for dinner is one of your family’s go-to favorites, wait ’til you introduce them to Breakfast for Lunch! We teamed up with our friends at Cheerios and Nature’s Valley to pack up this perfect parfait lunchbox for back to school season.

Cheerios Breakfast Lunchbox

Whether you’re tired of the same old sandwich or looking for a sweet twist to your weekly routine, this cereal-inspired breakfast parfait will make lunchtime a real treat! Simply layer your favorite yogurt flavor with a combination of fresh fruit (we used blueberries!), cereal and granola for a sweet and filling lunch.

What’s Inside:

  • Yoplait Vanilla Yogurt
  • Cheerios Cereal
  • Nature Valley Granola Crunch
  • Fresh Blueberries

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