March 24, 2016
Bella Blog – Easter Pet Safety Tips
Bella Blog – Easter Pet Safety Tips Posted by Bella The Dog

Easter Pet Safety Tips 1

Happy Easter, pet moms & dads!


Here’s a few helpful tips to make sure your holiday is fun and safe for your four-legged friends.

Keep all chocolate out of my reach

You probably know that chocolate can be dangerous to pups like me! Easter baskets are often full of tasty looking items that I may try to sneak away with if no one is paying attention. Be sure to keep your children’s Easter baskets out of paw’s reach.

Avoid Easter grass, especially the plastic kind!

To pups, grass is grass: it’s fun to roll around in, and even eat on occasion. But Easter grass can cause some serious stomach issues for furry friends like me, so try to avoid it or stick with the paper kind.

Attention Cat Lovers:Watch out for lilies! 

Did you know lilies are toxic to cats? They make for a very pretty centerpiece on your Easter table, but try to stick to other spring varieties if you have a curious kitten around the house!

Finally: Find ALL the eggs.

You know what a forgotten plastic egg looks like to adorable dogs like me? A new toy! Make sure to keep track of where any hidden eggs are left after the kids are done hunting for them, so I don’t accidentally find one and try to eat it.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter! Share Easter photos of your family pets with me on social media with the hashtag #ShopRiteBella – because I love making new friends 🙂 !


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