August 30, 2017
A Star-Studded Lunchbox with Roth Cheese!
A Star-Studded Lunchbox with Roth Cheese! Posted by ShopRite Team

You know you’re little one is a superstar, so show them they should always aim for the stars with this easy snacking-inspired lunchbox we created with our friends at Roth Cheese!

Whether your child is tired of the same old sandwich or just prefers snacking to a traditional-style lunch, this star-studded lunchbox is just the way to brighten up their day!

Roth Lunchbox

It all begins with a deliciously simple foundation: Roth Grand Cru Cheese. It’s made with the finest Wisconsin milk and crafted in authentic copper vats for an original alpine-style cheese you wouldn’t traditionally find in America. Its light floral notes, nutty undertones and mellow finish make it a perfect cheese for your little one’s lunchbox. Cutting it with a star-shaped cookie cutter adds a touch of playfulness to lunchtime that will have them smiling until they come home.

Pair Roth Grand Cru with staple cheese board-esque accompaniments for a lunchbox that your child will love to bring to school, or that you could even bring to work! If creating this for your own work lunch, feel free to swap in more strongly flavored accompaniments, or even toasted crostini for the crackers. The possibilities are endless!

What’s Inside Our Lunchbox:

  • Roth Grand Cru
  • Salami Slices
  • Green Grapes
  • Wholesome Pantry Almond Energy Mix
  • ShopRite Crackers
  • 100% Grape Juice
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