June 29, 2016
4 Tips for a Fun Fourth of July for the WHOLE Family from Bella the Dog
4 Tips for a Fun Fourth of July for the WHOLE Family from Bella the Dog Posted by Bella The Dog

Hello Pet-Lovers!

Are you excited for the Fourth of July? It’s nearly here! For a lot of us pets, the Fourth of July can be a bit scary (scarier than Halloween even!), what with those loud bangs and bright lights happening in the sky all night long!

That’s why I’m here to share some fabulous tips to keep things fun for the whole family, us four-legged friends included.

Bella the Dog July 4th Safety Tips

Tip #1 – Leave the fireworks to the professionals.

Fireworks are dangerous – for pets and humans alike! The loud sounds and bright lights make us uncomfortable, and if we happen to get close to you while you’re setting them off we can burn ourselves.

Tip #2 – Keep an eye on the grill.

Grills are full of wonderful smells that me and my doggie friends can’t help but investigate – keep an eye the grill so that I don’t try to grab anything and accidentally burn my paws or nose!

Tip#3 – Don’t leave alcoholic drinks within paws’ reach.

Mixed drinks and other alcoholic beverages are fun for adults, but can be very dangerous for me if I get a hold of them. Keep your drinks far away from places I can easily reach.

Tip #4 – Keep me on my normal diet

People food sure looks tasty, especially BBQ! But a lot of that food can make my stomach hurt or even make me really sick. Best to keep me on my normal diet and get me a fun treat for the holiday instead! You can find oodles of fun pet toys and treats for me at your local ShopRite!

I hope these tips help you have a safe, happy, and fun Fourth of July with your pet friends!


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