March 30, 2017
3 Sweet Salads for Spring
3 Sweet Salads for Spring Posted by ShopRite Team

Whether you are planning out an Easter menu or just looking for a little inspiration for lunch, our new trio of sweet salads is sure to please crowds large and small! Spring may be here, but are you already wishing for summer? Our first salad brings the flavors of summer together with fresh fruit flavors. To create our “Sweet, Sweet Summer Salad”, top your salad greens with peach rings, watermelon gummies and a sprinkle of shredded coconut.

Sweet Summer Salad

The classic chicken salad gets a bright, festive upgrade with our Peeps Salad! Swap out chicken breasts for your favorite color of marshmallow chicks for the perfect Easter starter salad.

Peep Salad

Our final salad is for those of us who imagine spending warm afternoons sitting at a quaint French bistro. Enter: the Swedish Fish Nicoise Salad. Top arugula with swedish fish, halved creme eggs, a sprinkle of shredded coconut and drizzle with raspberry syrup.

Swedish Fish Nicoise with Creme Eggs

Note: April Fools! Did you catch yourself questioning our strangely sweet salad creations? These are not real salads we would ever suggest anyone eating, but we hope you are having a fun April Fool Fools Day!

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